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Creativity through Plato's Model

If we imagine all ideas in a higher plane of existence, a place where the collective universal consciousness exists, where all things exist in their full understanding. Their true universal form outside of time and context in the midst of all the and every context. Can we say a plane like this exists? Can we call it the creativity plane.

When creating, regardless of medium, or consciousness, reaches into this creative plane and pulls from the true essence of things. Pulling it down they can copy it, downloading it into their mind. When doing so we create our version of the concept, here is when it becomes less complete for it can only exist through the perspective and limitations of the one pulling it down. This makes it a less complete concept. Then using our hands we create the thing in the experienceable world. Again it is diminished for it is limited once again by skill and complexity. Through the skill and the medium we translate the concept out from our minds which was already translated on the way in. Are words enough to express that poem you felt within you. Things are lost. The experienced oneself is removed from the completed full concept that exists in a higher plane.

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