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Color and Effects for Sony Music

A$AP Rocky - "Goldie"

I got the chance to team up with Hiccup Media and work directly with director Sam Lecca from Sony Music to develop the look for A$ap Rocky’s debut music video

Winner of a BET Hip-Hop Award

Post Production

Visual Effects for Juicy Groove Films

Heineken - "Soccer is Here"

After a season worth of location shooting at live MLS games the word came down that the hashtag on all the shirts worn couldn’t go to air. With a tight deadline and the entire production on the line, I was brought in to help put out this fire.

A$AP Rocky - "LLA"

Effects done for Sony Music

After shooting the video, the director of A$AP rocky's "LLA" was feeling that it wasn’t balanced. They wanted to add a matching hair bun to the actress on the left in order to make the frame more symmetrical, pushing the idea that they were reflections of each other.

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