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Editorial done for Mammoth Advertising 

Looming Tower "Divided We Fail"

I got the chance to work with Mammoth on a promo for the Hulu limited series "The Looming Tower" Blu-Ray Release. I aimed to showcase the underlying conflict in the face of a looming threat. Framed as a flashback over a heart heavy apology that makes the inevitability of the events unescapable. 

Katy Perry's Mad Potion Promo

Editorial done for East of Fairfax

I Got the opportunity to team up with my buddy Brian Cariaga over at East of Fairfax to create this 12sec cut down promo for Katy Perry's Mad Potion

Westworld "A Delos Destination"

Videos Created for Mammoth

To promote the new Season of HBO's Westworld me and the guys at mammoth came up with these 3 short promos that tease the new locations being introduced in season two of the series. For each of the three worlds, we created an eerie off-kilter travel video, interspersing the beautiful scenery with touches of violence and action.

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