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Broadcast Graphics
Kia Sunday Night Kickoff

Graphics done for NBC Sports

I got the chance to team up with GameDay Creative to create this Promo for NBC Sports' "Football  Night In America".  We needed to create a spot to open and close the KIA sponsored Sunday night kickoff segment of Football Night in America, while showcasing the Kia branding and the featured vehicles.

Sunday Night Football

Graphics done for NBC Sports

I was able to lend my talents to the Sunday Night Football Team for the 2013-2014 season, creating graphics to support every part of the broadcast. We were lucky enough to win an Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Series; as a life-long football fan, this meant a lot to me.


Sumo Wrestling

Show Package for Fight Sport

After acquiring the broadcast rights to Sumo wrestling in 13 countries, Fight Sports needed to put some production power into the property. They came to me to develop a look and style that was respectful of the long respected tradition of Sumo, while bringing a modern look and feel.

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