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Who I am 


Kevin Reste 

Creative Process & Operations Specialist

A forward-thinking Creative Consultant and dynamic Head of Creative at Sketch Studios, Kevin Reste specializes in developing and optimizing creative workflows. With a multi-disciplinary artistic background, Kevin holds an MFA from Parsons The New School for Design and a BFA from Penn State. His expertise spans across a diverse array of media types, including traditional formats, social media, out-of-home advertising, and cutting-edge XR content.

Kevin's career, spanning over 14 years, showcases a portfolio that is a testament to his versatility. His contributions include exhibited fine art at MoMA, Emmy Award-winning live sports productions, Triple-A video games, Super Bowl commercials, and Cannes Lion winning advertising campaigns. He has also been involved in BET Video of the Year nominated music videos, globally released experiential designs, and DOOH installations that have adorned the iconic canvases of Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.

His collaborative efforts include work with prestigious agencies such as GREY, Ogilvy, Hogarth, and Droga5. Kevin contributed to elevating brands like Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Sunday Night Football, Sony Music, and ABC. He showcases his ability to navigate the complexities of modern media landscapes and deliver content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

What I Do

I Improve Your
Creative Process


Kevin architects the blueprint for success in the chaotic world of creativity. His expertise lies in crafting seamless, efficient workflows that empower creative teams to excel without the burden of inefficiency. By identifying bottlenecks and deploying innovative solutions, he ensures that the journey from concept to execution is as smooth and effective as possible. Whether it's streamlining communication channels, integrating new software tools, or redesigning project management practices, his mission is to unlock the full potential of creative teams and resources


At the core of Kevin's consulting philosophy lies a deep-seated belief in the power of structured freedom within the creative process. He understands that true innovation stems from a delicate balance between guiding vision and the autonomy to explore. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of his success. Kevin's methodology is deeply collaborative, emphasizing the importance of equipping creative teams with the frameworks necessary to explore their full potential, enabling creative ambition while remaining strategically aligned with broader organizational objectives.


Kevin focuses on preempting the paralysis often caused by indecision within creative teams. He implements comprehensive workflows that demystify the creative process, offering clear context, actionable data, and foresight into potential outcomes. This structured approach empowers teams to make informed decisions swiftly, ensuring the creative momentum is maintained throughout the project lifecycle. 


 With Kevin Reste, creative projects transcend execution; they become explorations of possibility, ensuring that creative teams are not just executing tasks but are embarking on a journey of innovation and discovery. He doesn't just optimize workflows; he transforms them into powerful engines of innovation and success.

 Innovation Workshops and Ideation Sessions Creative Workflow Optimization  Creative Team Structure and Dynamics  Creative Tool and Technology Integration  Project Management Methodologies 

Best Practices for Creative Collaboration   Creative Process Standardization Creative Performance Metrics and KPIs 

 Risk Management in Creative Projects   Creative Leadership Coaching 

Clients & Collaborations

Some of the Brands I have contributed to or collaborated with 

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