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What I Do

Translate creative ideas 
into practical strategies 

I focus on preventing indecision, which can hinder progress and cause frustration. I provide the necessary context, data, and potential outcomes to enable prompt and effective decision-making. My goal is to ensure that those in charge have a clear understanding of the implications of their choices, and the confidence to make those decisions when they matter most.

At the core of my philosophy is a belief that true creativity thrives in an environment of structured freedom. It's about finding the delicate balance between guiding and letting go, between leading and empowering. This delicate balance is crucial for ensuring that our artistic endeavors are not only creatively fulfilling but also strategically sound and successful within the larger context of the organization.

Developing a creative vision and strategy that ambitiously reaches while aligning with the practical aspects and broader organizational goals, considering factors such as budget constraints, timelines, resource availability, and technical feasibility.

I am deeply involved in constructing and communicating this vision. This involves not only understanding the creative goals but also being adept at translating them into actionable plans. My role is to ensure that this vision is not lost in the complexities of the production process but is instead the guiding light that leads to a successful and cohesive final product.

By effectively managing the interplay between creativity and logistics, I guide productions through complex challenges, while building and maintaining momentum. Ensuring that each project we undertake is not only a creative success but also fosters an environment where creativity and efficiency coexist seamlessly.

Idea Generation  Creative Project Management 
 Design & Production  
Collaboration & Leadership

 Resource Management    Quality Control 

Pipeline Development  Technology Integration 

Who I am 


Kevin Reste 

Creative Operations, Development, Production & Artistry 

At the heart of every successful creative endeavor, there's a force that harmonizes the mayhem of ideas and visions, budgets and timelines, talent and resources—a force that transforms creative ideas into practical strategies.

I am Kevin Reste, an expert in Creative Operations and Production. I facilitate interactions between the many creative and administrative spheres involved in any artistic production.

My multi-disciplinary artistic background includes a BFA from Penn State and a MFA from Parsons The New School of Design. With contributions spanning MoMA Exhibited Fine Art, Emmy Award-winning Live Sports, Triple-AAA Video Games, Super Bowl Commercials, Global Advertising Campaigns, and BET Award Nominated Music Videos.

Ultimately, my work is about upholding the vision of the project. I am a coach and facilitator, helping to construct and communicate the project's vision across all levels. By seamlessly integrating creativity with logistics and guiding key stakeholders in their decision-making process, I help ensure that each artistic production we undertake not only achieves its creative goals but does so in a manner that is efficient, cohesive, and true to our shared vision.

Clients & Collaborations

Behold, a symphony of past success

exceptional clients who entrusted me with their vision, and iconic brands that allowed me to contribute my creativity

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